The Startup Space Consulting

Give your startup the right start!

The Startup Space Consulting provides startups with professional consulting services within startup strategy, PR and marketing


The Startup Space Consulting is headed up by Anders Hassis, Pär Häggström and James Pember. The team are the founders of Swedish Startup Space, which has quickly become Sweden's #1 online space for Swedish technology and startup news.


Ideas are nothing without execution. The Startup Space Consulting can not only help with building a launch strategy, but making sure a startup has all the tools necessary to execute on it. Simply put, we'll help with all aspects of a startup launch - strategy, PR and marketing.


Like any startup, we live and breath results and data. We'll focus on building marketing strategies that are clear, measurable and of course scalable.


Contact us by either sending us an email at or use one of the following:

  • James Pember (@jamesepember)
  • Pär Häggström (@ParHaggstrom)
  • Anders Hassis (@parse_)